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Overheating and You

Overheating and You

Computers release heat as they operate. This heat is dissipated with the fans that are placed around your computer. Dust and other debris can interfere with the ability of the computer to move air around the PC. Our cleaning kit can help!
Allergies and Germs

Allergies and Germs

Dust is a severe allergen and is somewhat unpleasant to breathe, causing sneezing and coughing. Dust is also a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. And every time you turn on your computer, the fans begin to circulate that dust all around the air. Don't breathe dirty air!
Speed is Key!

Speed is Key!

Computers are pretty smart. There are many sensors constantly measuring the internal temperature of your computer. If your computer is clogged up with dust and heating up, your computer slows down it's processes to prevent damage. Cleaning your computer WILL speed it up!
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